Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I clean something I put garbage in?
The short answer is that trash bins usually smell plus germs don't discriminate – they are everywhere and they think the sludge in dirty bins is the perfect place to multiply. Our high pressure hot water is the perfect eco-friendly weapon to scrub out the sludge, kill germs and help protect your home.
It is a job no homeowner looks forward to doing so let the pros handle it - trust me it'll be WAY easier and more affordable than you think. Plus think about the wastewater... do you really want to dump that in your lawn or driveway? With Alpha Bin Cleaning all the wastewater is contained in our hopper and disposed of the safe eco-friendly way!


How do I get the gunk and funk out of my bins?
Wait until you see these specially made trucks & trailers! They heat up clean water to over 200 degrees and pressurize it to 3500 psi, then blast the inside of your garbage bin until it is thoroughly SCRUBBED! The heat and pressure sanitize and disinfect, then we use a very light biodegradable odor neutralizer to make sure your bins stay fresh until the next service. No harsh chemicals at all for the cleaning process, and we collect and remove the wastewater to be processed in an environmentally safe way. Trash bin cleaning doesn't have to be hard, let us do the dirty work.


What areas do you serve right now?
We serve all of Wichita and surrounding areas!


Why is this a subscription service?
We like to think of Alpha Bin Cleaning as a necessity much like your trash service. You continue to make trash, trash smells awful, and bins will stay much cleaner and fresh with regular service. You can adjust the service or cancel at any time but you might want to think twice about going back to those nasty bins!


How often should Alpha Bin clean my bins?
We offer several different options to choose from so you can customize to fit your preference. Each option is listed under the pricing section. In our professional opinion, we encourage monthly because whether your trash bins appear “clean” or not can’t be just based off of smell and what you can see. A lot of the concerning bacteria and germs are what you can’t see and are not aware of. It’s all about regular cleanings and consistency that will serve you best!


When will you come to clean my bin?
We will schedule your bins to be cleaned the same day as your trash service.


How do I sign up?
Super simple! Go to the "Pricing" tab at the top of this page, select the service plan that fits your needs and fill out the form. Enter in all the information that we ask for and you will be set. You will receive email/text reminders when you are scheduled.


How do I pay for this? Up Front?
We like to keep things simple... you pay when you sign up. Then your account will auto renew according to the plan you signed up for. That way you aren't worried about paying yet another bill every month or two, just set it and forget it. You can change payment information at any time - you are in control.


Do you use hazardous chemicals?
No, our cleaning trucks only use hot water and high pressure to clean and sanitize. We use an environmentally friendly biodegradable odor neutralizer, and occasionally (often for first time can cleaning) we may also use a biodegradable degreaser to loosen things up. All of the wastewater from this process is taken with us on the truck to be disposed of properly.


Does Alpha Bin Cleaning work year round?
Yes, as long as mother nature plays nicely we will clean your bins year round. Winter time can be challenging and we want to be upfront that our trucks will not operate properly in a extreme cold. If either for weather or for some unforeseen reason we are not able to service your bins the day of your trash service, we will make every attempt to reschedule your service in a timely manner.


How will I know that Alpha Bin Cleaning is coming?
Once you've signed up, we’ll send you a welcome email! We will then get you scheduled as soon as possible and notify you of the first service date. Leading up to your cleaning visit, you will receive an email reminder the evening before service, and a text message reminder the morning of service to leave your bins outside.


How will you protect my information if I sign up?
Your personal information is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone, Ever! Your payment information is not kept in our internal system, it is securely stored with our payment processer, a leader in PCI compliance certified by Leaders. The payment information is transferred, stored, and processed via a secured tokenization method at Leaders. Your secure client login is where you will go to update/change payment method.